1. Fees are payable in advance at the beginning of each term.

 2. Enrolment is required for a minimum of one term.

 3. An enrolment fee of $50 is payable when first enrolling.

 4. A levy (one per family) of $16.50 (GST incl.) is collected on behalf of the Friends of each Conservatorium at commencement of enrolment. It is applied per term and replaces most fundraising activities. (see Friends of Conservatorium on back page).

 5. An administration Fee of $20 (Max 3 students per family) is charged on first invoice annually.

 6. A non-refundable Account Reminder Fee of $15.00 will be applied to all accounts not paid in full by the due date. This will be followed by a $30 late fee if payment is not made.

 7. Teachers’ lesson times are booked by the office. If a student is unable to attend a lesson, as a courtesy, please notify the teacher or the Conservatorium. However, be aware that when a student/parent/guardian or school cancels a lesson - there is NO REFUND (except in special circumstances, such as illness/accident (supported by medical certificate),in which case the teacher may consider making up the lesson).

 8. If a teacher cancels a lesson and cannot make-up the lesson, then the teacher will advise the office to process a refund. On this advice the refund will show as a credit on the following Term’s invoice.

 9. School group tuition can include a combination of weekly group tuition with band workshops, band performances, assemblies and Eisteddfods. Any  scheduled school group tuition missed will not be refunded.

 10. All ensembles are a flat rate per term, regardless of how many lessons are held. There are no refunds.

11. The Conservatorium reserves the right to discontinue/reassign any groups with insufficient enrolments at any time.

12. Cancellation of Lessons by parent/student THREE WEEKS NOTICE IN WRITING must be given to the office to cancel lessons. Upon receiving advice that lessons are to cease the office must notify the teacher as soon as practicable. If a student withdraws during a term with the appropriate notice, a refund will be made for lessons not received that would fall outside of the three weeks. If insufficient notice or no notice is received in writing, then fees will not be refunded.

13. Notice of cancellation (not returning) for the next term/year. Each student enrolment continues from Term to Term and Year to Year. Therefore three weeks written confirmation to cancel lessons is required otherwise it is assumed lessons are continuing and fees will not be refunded.

14. A student will not be permitted to continue in lessons when fees are overdue. This also applies if fees are unpaid in relation to any other family member.

15. Upon payment of the current administration fee, $1 will be allocated to membership in Mitchell Conservatorium Inc. This entitles the signatory to attend the Conservatorium’s Annual General Meeting with full voting rights.

16. If lessons are booked, agreement to these Terms and Conditions is implied even if the Enrolment Confirmation & Media Consent Form is not completed, signed and returned. Use of Mitchell Conservatorium’s services implies agreement.

17. In the event of the Customer being in default of their obligation to pay and the overdue account is then referred to a debt collection agency and/ or law firm for collection, the Customer shall be liable for the recovery costs incurred; and if the agency charges commission on a contingency basis the Customer shall be liable to pay, as a liquidated debt, the commission payable by the Supplier to the agency, fixed at the rate charged by the agency from time to time as if the agency has achieved one hundred per cent recovery. In the event where the Supplier or the Supplier’s agency refers the overdue account to a lawyer the Customer shall also pay as a liquidated debt the charges reasonably made or claimed by the lawyer on an indemnity basis.

18. Any concerns or grievances by parents/students should be addressed in writing to the Executive Director.



All Mitchell Conservatorium teachers have been screened by the relevant Child Protection Screening authority and undergo regular Child Protection Training. Staff and parents must ensure that children and young people up to the age of 18 do not leave the Conservatorium building until a parent comes to collect them.



From time to time the media approach the Conservatorium requesting co-operation in photographing, filming or interviewing students. The Conservatorium also seeks to promote the achievements of students by naming them in material provided to the media or by arranging for them to be included in photographs for newspapers and the Internet or vision for television stories.

The Mitchell Conservatorium’s Enrolment form contains a section titled “Permission for Media Appearances”, which allows you to either give or withhold your consent for various media outlets.

This form must be completed each year.


We pay our respect to all First Nations elders both past and present from the lands where Mitchell Conservatorium students reside. In particular, we acknowledge the Wiradyuri and Dharug peoples of Australia, who are the traditional custodians of the land where Mitchell Conservatorium campuses are located.

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