Alexander Technique Lessons at MitCon

The Alexander Technique teaches how to consciously cooperate with your body in order to:

·       Reduce tension and discomfort 

·       Improve coordination 

·       Achieve your aims in music and in movement generally. 

Alexander lessons are practical, with the teacher providing hands on guidance and coaching. The lessons can focus on any activity you are interested in or need to improve, such as music performance or ordinary actions (i.e. sitting, standing, speaking, walking, etc.).

The technique has been used for over 100 years, initially in stage performance for the use of the voice. It is now taught worldwide, particularly in performing arts colleges and music schools, supported by a reputation and clinical evidence showing benefits for a range of difficult conditions, particularly back and neck pain.

Alexander lessons are offered at Mitchell Conservatorium for the general public, music teachers and students.

Contact the Mitchell Conservatorium office to make an enquiry

Visit the Alexander Technique website for more information.

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